Goal updates!

I haven’t been awesome at getting back to blogging. But I’m here, writing this, so that’s a start!

For starters, my sleeping habits still suck. Failing there. However, we have made it to playfit twice (going again tomorrow!) and we met up with friends at Funtown yesterday!! :)

I’m also very excited to have a hair appointment for next week, and a nail/brow appointment for the week after that. I think I will feel better about myself when I look like I actually take care of myself! I should really make an appointment with the massage therapist as well; I had a bout of vertigo a few weeks ago and my neck has been tight ever since. I’ve also been having sinus pain, so I wonder if she could hit some pressure points or something and help me out!

On the wardrobe front, I purged my dresser a few weeks ago! Some things got thrown out (the un-donate-able stuff) and the rest got donated. Saturday morning I am going to tackle the closet, which is way worse than the dressers. It’s going to be hard, stressful, upsetting.. but I can do it. On the positive, I have shopping plans for a few weeks from now, and will hopefully be buying a new blazer, and a shell for underneath. I am leaning towards charcoal and navy for the blazer, but will also consider basic black. I’m also going to look for new, dark blue jeans with no feathering/embellishment, and new “work-appropriate” boots (booties?) for spring. I’m pretty sure my shiny lavender Hunter boots aren’t really appropriate. :)

For my financial goals, I finally got my son’s RESP going again. $250 on every 25th of the month. I feel very happy that it’s set up again. I also called the insurance broker, but he could not get me a lower rate than we already have.. too bad, but that makes me feel glad we haven’t been overpaying this whole time!

I haven’t gotten into a routine with my vitamins, unfortunately. I also haven’t smudged the house yet! I should try to do it on the 1st of every month, I think.

I also did something totally unexpected for me – I did some research and bought a bottle of red wine. I don’t drink wine! I decided that I’d like to maybe have a glass once a week, as a way to chill out and get some of the health benefits! It wasn’t too bad either, so I’ll have another glass tomorrow night. It might become a Friday night thing. :)